BGR-34 for Diabetes Combination of Natural & Herbal Medicine

BGR-34 for Diabetes Combination of Natural & Herbal Medicine

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BGR-34 for Diabetes

BGR-34, a Blood Glucose Regulator brings the revolution, with a breakthrough Phyto-research of decade, jointly developed by scientist of CSIR-NBRI & CSIR-CIMAP.

BGR-34 manages the lives of suffering Diabetics. It is an optimized concentration of synergistically acting herbal extracts makes it highly efficacious in Type-2 Diabetes mellitus.
BGR-34 is a novel, natural DPP-4 inhibitor and unlike other modern DPP-4 inhibitors, it regulates blood glucose level and also exerts cardio-protective action. BGR-34 modulates insulin release & strengthens β-cell functional capacity. It also exerts powerful anti-oxidant action which prevents the development of diabetic complications.
BGR-34 is scientifically proven, clinically and toxicologically tested with exclusive benefits :-
Potential DDP-4 inhibitor with cardio protective action
Scientifically proven, optimized formulation
Enriched with 34 vital phytocontituents, derivatives
Regulates glucose homeostasis
Converts proinsulin to insulin
Reduces level of glycosylated Hb Exerts anti-oxidant action

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